Good third day at Cardiff International at the end of a long 3 days total of 72% of pb’s final day was started with Ethan Evans 2 second pb to make 10th spot in final. He was soon followed with pbs from Ben Northall and Dyfan Jones. There were good swims just missing pb’s from the Luke and Luc who are both in exam mode. The next swimmer was young Aimee Davies who had a great controlled swim and pb in the 100 back. Another exam revision swimmer Catherine Parsonage had good swims in 100 back and 100 fly.
As the day progressed Tom Vernon had a good pb in the 400 free. Into the Finals with Ethan Evans going in as 10th fastest but hit another pb to finish 7th. A great end to a very good weekend. Swim of the day could have gone to a number of swimmers Ethan or Tom but today goes to Ben Northall for his 100 free.
Well done to one and all.
Head Coach

Update from Cardiff after day two of the International meet. Both days have seen some excellent swimming with numerous Internationals and the top age groupers from around Britain looking for British times has meant the level of competition is very high. The young Dragons however raised there performance. Day one started with young Ethan Evans in the 200 fly who swam away to a Silver Medal a great acheivement at this sort of meet. The youngsters of Tom Vernon Ben Northall Luke Evans and Dyfan Jones all achieved pb’s with the older swimmers of Catherine Parsonage and Cari Davies also hitting Pb’s. Luc Jarzynski and Owen Jones just missed out on pb’s but that was no surprise with most of the older swimmers concentrating on there exams at the moment. The rest of the day continued in the same way good pb’s The swim of the day on day one has to go to Luke Evans and 3 secon pb in 100 back.
Day two was more of the same the youngsters hitting lots of pbs Ethan Evans making the final of the 100 fly. Finishing 6th fastest. Luke Evans and Tom Vernon hitting 100 % pb’s also entering the Arena for her first swim in a 50m pool was 9yr old Aimee Davies who did a great swim in the 50 back. The swim of the day on day 2 has to go to Tom Vernon in the 200 free who as a alternative swimmers was giving a older faster heat but swam a 3 second pb behind the other swimmers. Well done to all the swimmers and bring on day three.
Head Coach