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About Chirk Dragons

Information About Our Club

Chirk Dragons are always looking for new members to join or friendly, inclusive club. Members can join our “Water Dragons” section straight after completing Wave/Stage 7 at their swim school, or, for more experienced swimmers, join the Full Dragons following a trial. We also have a masters section for over 18 year olds.

Which ever level you join us at you will have access to our award winning teaching and coaching team. Under the guidance of the teachers and coaches you will start your journey in the world of competitive swimming in a relaxed, friendly environment and, if you wish, we will soon have you competing at Swimming Galas all over the country including at London’s Olympic pool.

If you are interested in joining Chirk Dragons, please fill out the form below and we will be in touch very soon.

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Chirk Dragon Swimmers

Our Swimmers Will be:

  • Encouraged to fulfil their potential as an athlete and to develop their personal and life skills;
  • Taught to appreciate the philosophy which embraces the virtues characteristic of all great athletes;
  • Encouraged to see that hard work and honest endeavour achieve success;
  • Brought to understand the value of supporting their team, and the value of support from their team;
  • Constantly challenged;
  • Taught to win with humility and lose with resolve, and to embrace the commitment to always do their personal best.

Why Join Us

A couple of reasons to join Chirk Dragons Swimming Club.


The Coaching Programme

The role of the coaching programme is to develop the training and competition programmes, and to coach the swimmers on a day to day basis, based on the Long Term Athlete Development methodology adapted and endorsed by British Swimming and incorporating the latest developments in technique and training methods. Coaches are also responsible for team selection and support for swimmers at relevant meets, the education of coaches, swimmers and parents, and the associated development and administration of the programme.

The Club's Role

The Club’s role is to support the coaching programme, and to assist with matters including membership, records, competition entries, transport, accommodation, social events, publicity, fundraising, sponsorship, merchandising, policy formulation and welfare.

We are an entirely amateur club run by volunteers dedicated to the health, fitness and swimming development of our membership.